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VIAP Hoodie (Very Important Advocate Person)

VIAP Hoodie (Very Important Advocate Person)

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Join our campaign 'A Country in Chorus' by wearing this hoodie made for those who wish to advocate for mental health reform by simply wearing their heart on their sleeve. 

'A Country in Chorus' is creating a chorus of voices around Australia - people who are publicly sharing their voice for mental health through their social and personal networks,  joining us for our choir workshops this Mental Health Month in October. 

But we understand that sharing your voice publicly isn't for everyone, so we've also made this VIAP (Very Important Advocate Person) hoodie for those wishing to show their support but who may not want to sing in a chorus or share their voice on social media.

Sales of the VIAP hoodie will allow us to fund the next wave of VICP nominations so that we can open this opportunity up to more people who are willing to take action for mental health.

Order your VIAP hoodie and join us for 'A Country in Chorus'!

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